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New home for start-ups

Entrepreneurs use digital technologies to speed up networking among modes of transport and develop new travel-related products and services

Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures is the operating home and investor for new digital business models. DB's structure does not allow for the same freedom that is needed to encourage new disruptive business models in operations to grow.

New business models that are intended to make up DB's future digital products and services are being financed and developed through the company. DB Accelerator, Deutsche Bahn's start-up development program at DB mindbox, already supports entrepreneurs and young businesspeople. DB-Accelerator wis being expanded as part of a new partnership with Plug and Play, a start-up accelerator and investor. The partnership aims to continue to increase the financial strength and speed of implementation, expand expertise and enlarge DB's start-up and mentoring network long term.

The new ecosystem also provides a new home to products that have already been launched. The DB Digital Ventures portfolio now includes services like CleverShuttle, a Berlin start-up in which DB has had an interest since 2015. And thanks to the high degree of freedom under the umbrella of the new company, projects that were developed at DB, such as Qixxit, will also have greater opportunities to refine their product quickly and carve out their position in the market. The intent is to further strengthen this way of encouraging innovation. DB Digital Ventures aims to enable companies within the DB Group to hive off their own business ideas and develop them further under ideal conditions.

The Clever-Shuttle shuttle service connects passengers who travel similar routes, which makes it more affordable than a taxi. DB has had an interest in the company since it was established in 2015. CleverShuttle operates electric and hybrid cars in Berlin, Leipzig and Munich and will add new cities, including Frankfurt and Hamburg, to its network in 2017. Its cooperation with DB consists primarily of optimizing onward travel and supplementing other forms of city and regional transport services.

The Qixxit mobility platform is an impartial mobile travel agent that maps out the entire travel chain across providers and all modes of transport, from airplane and train to bus and rental car. Filters allow you to select the best sequence of options for your requirements. With the benefit of real-time journey data from DB and comprehensive road traffic information, Qixxit is able to respond at short notice to problems and find efficient alternatives.