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Smart City Tech

First BEYOND1435 funding program launched – five start-ups and their ideas for the city of tomorrow



The DB mindbox in Berlin is where the start-up funding program BEYOND1435 is based.
Six start-ups were selected on April 5, 2017 to take part in the first Smart City Tech initiative, which comes with funding. The program addresses a host of topics, ranging from mobility algorithms and deep learning to identification and security issues during the transport of people and freight. 

No more passwords, ID cards, or iris scans: Your voice is all the identification you need. The app-based solution from UK start-up My Voice uses the biometric characteristics of the human voice as authentication. This approach affords a 99.9% level of security to any system that uses it. 

Start-up Myki from Beirut has developed the first technical solution that enables a company to manage all of its passwords using fingerprints and thereby substantially improve ease of access to information. The app is protected so that only employees can access the resources they need for their work.

Airmada hires out automatic drone ground stations that do away with the need for active operation. The stations use sensors and continuously analyze ambient conditions to autonomously manage the drones' routes and flights.

Chemnitz-based start-up NAVENTIK's product is a satellite-supported tracking system for self-driving vehicles that are on the road. The pathfinder guides vehicles through heavy traffic and keeps them on track in all weathers and all locations.

Start-up XapiX from Berlin has come up with a toolbox which developers can use to merge data of different kinds to form a central interface. This reduces their workload when developing complex mobile applications and "internet of things" products.