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Future Of Maintenance

Predictive analysis and planning – innovative ideas for rail operations

DB Accelerator is headquartered in the DB mindbox in Berlin. On March 30, 2017, six start-ups were chosen to take part in the Future of Maintenance funding scheme, which focuses on hardware and software solutions that make maintenance and repair activities easier. 


Machines With Visions uses high-speed cameras to generate 3D images of tracks during travel. Scheduled trains can use this solution to collect information about the condition of tracks and spot any damage, which makes it easier to perform early maintenance work.

Kinemic lets users operate applications with gestures without a smartphone or keyboard. This enhances safety and efficiency.

iNDTact is a combined sensor solution for monitoring tracks and wheels. It turns every train into a measurement train and makes it possible to gather data that permits anticipatory maintenance activities.

By checking electric motors, eco Adapt serves as an early warning system against potential failure. This helps keep all kinds of mechanical systems, from trains to air conditioners, functioning smoothly for longer.

Blunder uses a playful strategy to find out what information is in short supply at an organization and how this can be rectified. A game-style approach on a smartphone collects information and makes it available to users.

Lexa Texer uses textual analysis and artificial intelligence to process large quantities of unstructured data. Maintenance managers can tap into this information for faster and more efficient predictive upkeep activities.