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Open Data

At DB, big data also means open data

DB provides free licenses for its data and hosts regular hackathons

Deutsche Bahn hosts regular hackathons to develop new solutions based on open data. Developers, start-ups and company representatives come together to conduct analyses and program new applications. DB employees participated in the fifth hackathon in September 2016, and now, for the first time, DB intends to invite external and internal participants to develop new applications, products, services and apps in 2017.

The data.deutschebahn.com platform lets programmers and developers access and use open data. Data includes platform and elevator data, a directory of operating locations, the railway network and data from Flinkster and Call a Bike, for example. Data is being added to the portal at data.deutschebahn.com/apis all the time, including for unrestricted use with different application programming interfaces (APIs).

Developers have the opportunity to use the data to conduct analyses, program applications or develop new software solutions for customers. By making this data available, DB hopes to improve data quality and develop services further. The platform is being developed in close consultation with the open data community, the platform's primary target group.

Deutsche Bahn's Open Innovation competition invites companies, the scientific community and start-ups to submit solutions that could be developed further and implemented with DB's support. The competition was held for the first time in 2015. Individual business units of DB ask participants to solve specific tasks.

Deutsche Bahn and the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) have also agreed to allow developers to use data from both entities. DB has networked its open data platform with the BMVI's mCloud, the first company to do so.