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Business Unit

DB Netze Energy

As an independent Deutsche Bahn energy manager, DB Energie manages one of the largest mixed energy portfolios in Germany. It has a unique infrastructure for the supply of power and diesel fuel to mobile and stationary consumers.

Business areas:

Lead management, co-ordination and monitoring of Deutsche Bahn AG's entire energy management operations, plus energy supply, management and consultancy services for other customers from trade, commerce and industry.

The entire 16.7-Hz traction current supply/network utilisation, 50-Hz electric lighting and non-traction current, DC, tank services (diesel fuel, auxiliaries and consumables) and energy services/savings management.

Registered office (head office):DB Energie GmbH
Pfarrer-Perabo-Platz 2
D-60326 Frankfurt am Main

Deutsche Bahn AG
Potsdamer Platz 2
10785 Berlin

Gelfo Kröger
Spokesman DB Energie GmbH
Tel.: +49 30 297-62729
Fax: +49 30 297-61715
E-Mail: Gelfo.Kroeger@deutschebahn.com

Directors:Dr. Hans-Jürgen Witschke (Chairman)
Manfred Lindner
Werner Raithmayr
Frank Meyer
Owner:Deutsche Bahn AG (100%)

DB Energie is responsible for supplying energy of all kinds to Deutsche Bahn as well as other companies and can offer concentrated technical expertise and control instruments.

Apart from planning, maintenance, marketing and operation of technically complex energy networks, sustainable generation and procurement of traction and stationary energy are included in our range of services. As an independent energy manager we guarantee smooth operations and supply traction power and fuels on a non-discriminatory basis to all TOCs in Germany. Furthermore we provide energy services for customers from industry, trade and the services sector.