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Deutsche Bahn publishes 2016 Competition Report:

Demand for rail transport services remains intense • Rail freight business reaches pre-crisis level • New record in operating performance

The demand for rail transport services in Germany remains intense. Both passenger and freight transport grew in 2015. Passenger transport grew 0.3 percent year on year, while freight transport saw in increase of 3.6 percent. However, because road transport grew even more quickly, the market share for rail passenger transport remained at roughly 8 percent (2014: 8.1 percent). In contrast, the market share of freight rail transport on the German transport market rose to 17.5 percent in 2015 (2014: 17.2 percent). Facts and background information on these developments can be found in the 2016 DB Competition Report.

Competition on the German rail market has developed at a rapid pace and utilisation of the rail network is rising on a continuous basis. In 2015, there were 412 companies operating on the network, 11 more than in the previous year. At 1.05 billion train-path kilometres, 2015 was a new record in operating performance.

In 2015, Deutsche Bahn had a market share of 70.8 percent in regional passenger transport (2014: 72.8 percent). DB was able to win ground in long distance transport, increasing passenger numbers by 2.2 percent year on year to 132 million.

Performance on the German rail freight market rose by 3.6 percent to 116.6 billion tonne kilometres, thus reaching the level achieved before the economic crisis at the end of the last decade for the first time. DB Cargo's competitors in particular were able to benefit from this development, increasing their market share to 39.1 percent.

Digitalisation is becoming an increasingly important competitive factor and is changing the entire mobility and transport market. Although digitalisation will bring many advantages for rail transport customers and operations, it also poses some challenges for the industry as a whole.