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Rüdiger Grube elected new Chairman of CER

General Assembly of the Community of European Railways convened on the day before the InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin

Rüdiger Grube, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG, has been elected Chairman of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) by the CER General Assembly in Berlin.

Rüdiger Grube: “I am honored to have been chosen to serve as Chairman of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies. We will continue to work with the CER members – regardless of their size – to speak with one strong voice, to foster a foundation of mutual trust with the EU institutions, and strengthen the rail sector.”

In this honorary office, Dr. Grube follows in the footsteps of Christian Kern, the former CEO of the Austrian Federal Railways who was recently appointed Federal Chancellor of the country.
“Our objective is for rail to participate to a significantly greater extent in the growing transport volumes throughout the whole of Europe. Rail can become the transport mode of choice of the 21st century – reliable, comfortable and climate-friendly. Rail is already a key element in the lives of many millions of people each and every day and is indispensable for the transport of freight for trade and industry. In future, we have to exploit the opportunities resulting from digitalization and push ahead with innovations, because we are all united by one unshakable conviction: in this digital day and age, there is enormous growth potential for rail,” said Rüdiger Grube. This is subject to the proviso that rail can depend on fair political conditions in regard of intermodal competition – in Europe as a whole and in the individual European countries.

The CER is based in Brussels and represents more than 70 rail transport and infrastructure companies from Europe. It thus speaks for the entire European rail sector. In 2014, some 8.6 billion passengers in Europe travelled by train. Rail companies employ a total of around 1.2 million people. When representing the interests of its members, the CER deals with issues such as competition, technical harmonization of the rail systems and the implementation of a digital roadmap.