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DB Navigator

The whole journey on the smartphone

App DB Navigator

The application is not only the fastest growing booking channel, but now also offers almost all imaginable services around rail travel. Booking mobile, call up real-time information with current departure and arrival times, set a delay alert - the DB Navigator accompanies rail customers digitally along their journey and is one of the most frequently installed apps in Germany.  Millions of  tickets were booked with the app every year. About four million travel information are issued daily via the DB Navigator. The price finder helps to find the cheapest available fares. Also interconnected tickets and regional offers can be booked. The DB Navigator informs you about the selected connection before, during and after the journey. A door-to-door route planner with GPS tracking and pedestrian navigation as well as suburban, metro, tram and bus connections is integrated. In addition to the real-time information about the trip, the booked mobile phone tickets can also be managed. Since January 2017, the real-time wagon series for all ICE trains in Germany is digitally visible. The DB Navigator shows the wagon numbers, in which track section the wagons are located and where the 1st and 2nd class are located. Since August 2017, the app also informs about the service on board and the equipment of the train. Thus, for example, it can be seen in advance whether and in which car there is a board restaurant or wheelchair seats.