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Remote monitoring of station clocks

Pilot studies with LoRaWAN™

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is currently conducting several pilot studies on remote monitoring of station clocks using LoRaWAN ™. On the one hand runs a trial with 50 watches, which were retrofitted with a surveillance solution. Two other watches were equipped with sensor technology in cooperation with the Berlin tech startup Relayr, which will be tested at the Berlin S-Bahn stations Bellevue and Jannowitzbrücke. Finally, on a third clock with the software startup GreyRook, a new approach to the time synchronization of station clocks is being developed.

In the current pilots, the collected sensor data is routed via LoRaWAN ™ by radio to a central evaluation system. In order to investigate the characteristics of the technology, DB has installed two LoRaWAN gateways on the roof of Berlin Central Station. The technique in shoebox size is barely visible from the forecourt, but allows the connection of several thousand sensors.

Radio range of the gateway Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Radio range of the gateway Berlin Hauptbahnhof on this database, defect images are identified, which enable the automated formulation of maintenance orders. To investigate several technology options, DB is testing different IoT platforms.

Repair of a station clock

What's next?

The nationwide roll-out of a LoRaWAN ™ network at German stations is currently being examined. Is the technology suitable for other applications in addition to watch monitoring - such as lighting control in railway stations, the reading of electricity meters and level measurement in waste containers? To estimate this potential, DB carries out further feasibility studies.