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"Drive4Schenker" benefits from digital online freight exchange

The company uShip is an online auction house that brings together consignors and transporters in around 20 countries. DB Schenker also uses the technology of the online freight exchange to bring goods to the customer faster and more efficiently. In land transport, the approx. 30,000 transport partners of the European network are brought online with their freight via the DB Schenker platform "Drive4Schenker" using uShip technology. In Germany, the new service was launched in the spring of 2017. DB Schenker will gradually roll out the service across Europe.

If you have a freight order to place, you can post it online at uShip. Logistics companies then have the opportunity to bid on the transport requests. The contract finally gets the cheapest bid. And that works: In the meantime, uShip is the industry leader in organizing freight transport via mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

In 2017, DB Schenker invested $ 25 million in the online platform uShip for forwarding and transport services. With this investment, DB Schenker is strengthening its strategic cooperation with the US online freight exchange, thus promoting new data-based solutions for industrial customers.

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