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In the ICE, in the regional train and at stations into the net

DB has equipped the entire ICE fleet with a new, powerful WLAN system. The so-called multiprovider technology accesses the respective fastest data networks (LTE, UMTS) and can process significantly higher data volumes by intelligently bundling the network operator capacities. The available bandwidth on the train, however, always depends on the performance of mobile networks.

In tota, around 100 million euros were invested in the new WLAN in the ICE. For a further 80 million euros, the state-of-the-art telephone technology will gradually be brought up to date by the end of 2018. In cooperation with the mobile network operators Deutsche Telekom, Telefónica Germany and Vodafone, DB is equipping a large part of its long-haul fleet with new mobile telephone repeaters. Travelers benefit from a significantly better reception not only for telephoning, but also to use mobile Internet over the mobile networks.

DB has also developed a concept for regional transport in order to provide Internet access and attractive online services, such as tourist information, to all passengers via WLAN on the train. Travelers on the local trains of the electrically operated network of the Elbe-Saale-Bahn in Saxony-Anhalt can already use a free Wi-Fi access. On behalf of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, DB has for the first time ensured the widespread use of the Internet in a complete local transport network and equipped a total of 60 cars with the necessary technology. The S-Bahn Stuttgart is currently running the WLAN equipment of the entire fleet with over 150 S-Bahn trains and should be completed in the summer of 2019. In addition, there are currently several pilot projects in which WLAN is tested in local traffic, such as on the route Rostock-Stralsund-Binz.

At 127 stations throughout Germany, Deutsche Bahn offers travelers and visitors 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi.