Mobility on demand

Article: Mobility on demand

ioki integrates on-demand services into public transportation

ioki is a single source for all services that lets third parties, such as cities, transport companies and local transport authorities, operate on-demand mobility services in public transportation networks in their own name. The team of IT and transport experts, developers and product designers work on behalf of cities, municipalities and transport companies to analyze need, provide support for official approval processes, and offer all-in-one customer solutions – from customized vehicle and route concepts to a digital platform for customers to use the new services.

On-demand mobility services are only as good as the technology behind them. The employees at ioki have developed an IT platform that receives journey requests and processes them in smart ways. The solution is an algorithm that enables smart pooling and routing. Passengers with similar routes travel together. The platform has two apps: one for passengers and one for drivers.

Selected on-demand projects from ioki:

ioki Hamburg

In Summer 2018, an individual shuttle service was launched in Hamburg that can be ordered by app and takes passengers to their destination following flexible routes. The service is integrated into public transportation and can be used on a normal ticket in Hamburg's transit network. ioki and Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein GmbH (VHH), Hamburg's transport operator, launched the service for the city's Lurup and Osdorf districts. On Nov 11th 2019 was launched the service in Hamburgs Billbrook district.

Passengers requesting similar routes are automatically grouped into carpools using an algorithm and travel together. The new service uses state-of-the-art zero-emission electric vehicles from British automaker LEVC. The vehicles have six seats and are accessible thanks to a ramp to help wheelchair users board. They also conveniently transport strollers.

Wittlich Shuttle

A digital on-call bus in Wittlich in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate brings on-demand mobility services that are integrated into existing public transportation to rural areas. The Wittlich Shuttle complements the existing transport structure in the town of Wittlich. Customers that use the on-call bus are not bound to timetables and service frequency, which means more convenience and more mobility.

The Wittlich Shuttle complements the existing transport structure in the town of Wittlich.
The Wittlich Shuttle complements the existing transport structure in the town of Wittlich.

They can book the new service conveniently using an app or they still have the option of ordering a bus by phone. The Wittlich Shuttle can be ordered the moment it is needed or an appointment can be arranged. Holders of passes or single tickets pay a EUR 1.90 convenience surcharge for the new service.

The new mobility service in Wittlich is operated by DB Regio Bus. The on-demand platform was developed by ioki.