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Individual mobility without own car - no matter when and where

ioki brings on-demand mobility and autonomous driving into public transport

The continuing traffic increase, congestion, fine dust, surface sealing for parking spaces and rigid timetables lead to noticeable burdens in cities. Not everyone has been able to participate in mobile everyday life. This is true, e.g. for teenagers, seniors and people with mobility restrictions. Rural mobility in particular is often insufficient. Customers demand there for individual, smart mobility: no matter where, wherever.

ioki enables on-demand mobility in the city and in the countryside.

The solution is individual and sustainable mobility on demand - with on-demand offers, in perspective also with electrically operated autonomous vehicles. Deutsche Bahn wants to be a pioneer in this digital future. As the largest bus operator in Germany and provider of car sharing, Deutsche Bahn already has extensive know-how and a millionfold access to public mobility on the road. Digitization now enables new forms of mobility. On the one hand, we want to network the road more closely with rail than ever before, which in turn benefits the railway customers. On the other hand, we want to further develop the market for individual public mobility and enable customers to provide mobility without needing their own car.

Concrete solutions for cities, municipalities, transport companies and all those who want to shape the mobility market of the future today are developing "ioki". An interdisciplinary team of IT and transport experts, developers and designers, who drive on-demand mobility, autonomous driving and Mobility Analytics, will be behind the DB's new business division and will make it marketable for customers and partners. This also includes the development of mobility platforms.