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Shaping the mobility of the future

Services and offers for intelligent networking of transport infrastructure, mobility and logistics from a single source

Ordering the autonomous electric shuttle bus by app in front of the door to go to the station, pick up and return packages without long detours directly at the station in the intelligent locker, urban logistics on the last mile with cargo bikes - mobility and logistics of the future are intelligently linked and energy-efficient. DB has recognized the potential and is driving forward the SmartCity development with a specially created corporate program. The advantage: DB offers cities all the services and offers for intelligent networking of transport infrastructure, mobility and logistics from one source. The goal is to increase the quality of life in cities by means of demand-oriented, comfortable, affordable and at the same time environment-friendly mobility and logistics solutions.

The DB systematically promotes start-ups, which make the stay at railway stations more pleasant, because the increase in the quality of life is a key component of Smart Cities. Examples are Green City Solutions, whose vertical moss walls clean the air or the founders of SIUT, which facilitate the orientation with fiber-optic concrete. At the Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt S-Bahn station, starting in November 2017, SIUT will build and test the first bright platform platform. Passengers are already aware of the pulling positions and lengths as well as the strain relief caused by light symbols in the platform platform prior to the S-Bahn entry.

Data is the key to Smart City. The DB has a huge digital data treasure: details of train travel, weather data, messages from diagnostic systems, maintenance data, energy consumption, site plans, construction sites and much more. On the Open Data Portal, Deutsche Bahn is currently offering some 35 million data on data processing at data.deutschebahn.com. In combination with urban data, there is a huge potential, for example forecasts for the improvement of traffic flows for customers and public transport companies. The DB is also the first company that is linked to the mCloud of the BMVI.