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Entrepreneurship at DB

Start-ups are invited to help shape the digital future of mobility

Why should a start-up seek help from Deutsche Bahn?

"DB Accelerator not only gives start-ups access to a vast amount of data about Europe's largest railway infrastructure; start-ups also benefit from the large number of customer contacts on trains, on buses, at stations and in our carsharing and bicycle rental system, and from the strong DB brand."

– Manuel Gerres, Head of New Digital Business and one of the managing directors of DB Digital Ventures

Young entrepreneurs are increasingly seeing Deutsche Bahn as an opportunity to develop and establish new business.

DB believes that the major opportunities of digitalization are in promoting the networking of different modes of transport and offering its customers additional services relating to daily travel. Deutsche Bahn hopes to inspire even more entrepreneurs through Digital Ventures GmbH. According to Manuel Gerres, one of the company's two managing directors, "We create what start-ups need: a high degree of freedom, an attractive network and uncomplicated funding opportunities so that they can quickly develop prototypes, market-ready products and products ready for series production."

The goal is to inject funds to help bring new business models to maturity quickly and generate noticeable value added for customers. DB has set aside EUR 100 million for investment by 2019.

DB employees with a strong start-up spirit and entrepreneurship will be able to realize their own business ideas under ideal conditions under the umbrella of the Digital Ventures Company.