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Getting up and running digitally at Deutsche Bahn

Startups are invited to develop new solutions for rail customers

Why should a startup go to Deutsche Bahn? Because startups not only gain access to a huge data pool around Europe's largest railway infrastructure, they also benefit from the high number of daily customer contacts in trains, buses, train stations or car sharing and rental bike systems. You will also receive. In particular, DB sees the great opportunities offered by digitization in making railway operations more reliable, in promoting networking with other means of transport, and in offering customers further services on their daily routes.

At the heart of the startup cooperation around the core business of the railway is StartupXpress in DB mindbox in Berlin. In this program, young entrepreneurs are sponsored for 100 days with workshops, mentoring, jobs in DB mindbox and 25,000 euros in entry fees. The goal is the "proof of concept", that is to say, to check whether the respective solution of the sponsored start-up brings the hoped-for results in the railway context.

The eight funding rounds so far had different emphases - from station catering to construction technology, railway infrastructure and customer interaction. With more than 20 start-ps participating in the program, DB is now working on concrete improvements in the core business of railways, for example. Customer experience at the station, predictive maintenance infrastructure, virtual reality for employee qualification.

The coworking space in the DB mindbox in Berlin is the central start-up station of Deutsche Bahn