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Environmentally friendly and cheap from door to door

CleverShuttle is a transportation service that provides efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly door-to-door mobility within urban centers, and already in Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich and since May, 17th 2018 in Stuttgart. The cars drive with electric, hydrogen or hybrid drive.

CleverShuttle works according to the Ridesharing principle: travelers with similar route requests are bundled and transported together. This not only relieves traffic and the environment, but is also cheaper for the user than a taxi. The secret lies in the algorithm, which allows intelligent pooling and routing.

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Deutsche Bahn has been involved in CleverShuttle since 2015. The goal is to optimize connection mobility on the last mile from and to the station. CleverShuttle intelligently complements DB's mobility offerings, enabling energy-efficient and seamless door-to-door mobility for rail travelers.

The Stuttgart-based carmaker Daimler has also been involved with CleverShuttle since 2017 with EvoBus GmbH. CleverShuttle wants to develop solutions for the B2B business together with Daimler Buses.