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Connected Signals

DB start-up fund invests in networked traffic light control • First participation of DB Digital Ventures in the USA

Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH, which manages the start-up fund of the DB Group, is financially involved in Connected Signals Inc. The company, founded in 2011, from the north-west of the United States observes and analyzes the red and green phases of traffic lights and is thanks to the intelligent processing of this information, it is in a position to optimally manage traffic, whether for individual cars, autonomous fleets or entire cities.

"The forecasting quality and the application possibilities for autonomous shuttles, which we are already testing as DB and want to offer our customers in addition to the railway in the cities of the future, are impressive", says Manuel Gerres, Managing Director DB Digital Ventures and Head of New Digital Business Models.


For the operation of autonomous vehicles - also in public transport - this information is fundamental to ensure a safe traffic flow with an ideal case of uninterrupted trips from A to B. Deutsche Bahn sees the potential for smart cities and autonomous driving as a product of Connected Signals