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Order and pay for food bags online

The Hamburg start-up Getasty, winner of DB Accelerator's "Innovative Ideas for Train Stations", tested the distribution of its food bags from mid-August to late November 2017 in the pop-up store on Berlin's main station. The bags selected by the customer online, ordered, cashless and filled to order could be picked up during the test at the Berlin main station. The offer was aimed primarily at travelers and commuters. At present, the founders are working on the further development of the standalone order platform. What exactly is behind Getasty, the founder Lisa Behn told in 2017 before the start of the test phase in an interview..

Lisa Behn, founder of Getasty

What did you develop together with Deutsche Bahn?

Almost everything can be ordered online today. Whether it's clothes, books or pizza delivered to your home. On the road, you often have to queue at long queues at the bakery, and pay is usually only with cash. With us, each traveler can already put together his individual break snack online at getasty.de and pay cashless without any problems. At the station, the customer simply takes his delicious Getasty bag off at his request - without waiting! With this concept, we were able to convince the start-up support team of Deutsche Bahn and have developed it together in recent weeks. Now we are really going. With the pop-up store at the main railway station in Berlin, we get the chance to test the concept. We are looking forward to it.

To whom is the offer addressed?

The offer is aimed at everyone who travels by train or around the station. Business travellers and commuters will particularly benefit. They are usually in a hurry and will therefore appreciate the advantages quickly. Online pre-ordering and paying means at the end: No long distances and queues, no small search. The customer saves valuable time and gets what he really wants in a bag. In addition, we attach great importance to modern and healthy snacks. We hope to meet the nerve of the times with our range and inspire many customers.

What exactly do you offer at the new store in Berlin?

With us there is everything that belongs to the delicious travel product: heartily sandwiches, burritos and salads as well as dessert for example fruit salad or Bircher muesli, in each case in six variations. In addition, hot or cold drinks, as the offer of coffee and tea over smoothies and juices  to the classic water. Everything can be combined individually, but can also be ordered individually. A compilation that we recommend is, for example, our 'Fit in the day menu' with a smoothie, a whole grain cheese sandwich and a yogurt with muesli. For the entire offer, we will regularly vary and offer variety.

Do you produce the snacks yourself?

Our products are freshly prepared daily in Berlin and delivered to the Hauptbahnhof. The Getasty bags are assembled directly in the pop-up store. For this, we work with a business partner, who also supplies the CUCCIS stores, for example. He is also behind the concept and as a founder team aside from the logistical challenges.

How and where did you get the idea?

We know for ourselves the feeling of standing in line with the baker and hoping to get something to eat before the train starts. You are nervous, impatient and stressed. Moreover, traditional train station bakers often offer only the same relatively unimaginative assortment. And without cash usually goes nothing. So we often had to get hungry on the train, so the business idea came from Getasty. We want to bring train station gastronomy into the digital age! Perspectively, a delivery directly into the train is also conceivable. Until then, however, there is still a long way to go - and we hope to be able to share this with DB.

How did you find out about DB's start-up funding program and what experiences did you have during the three months in the DB mindbox?

Through the recommendation of a friend, we became aware of the start-up program. We were able to convince Deutsche Bahn with our idea of ​​digitizing shopping for the breaks. In addition to the numerous coachings with experts, the exchange with Anna, the founder of Haferkater, will be remembered. The start-up Haferkater has already had very good experiences with Porridge in a pop-up store at Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Right after we were selected for the Accelerator program, Anna told us about the many tasks that await us until the start. This exchange of experience was very valuable. In the meantime, a lot has happened: regardless of whether naming, logo, design, web shop design or shop building of the pop-up store - we work closely with the DB. The goal is to jointly create a new gastronomic offer that links the online and offline world and is particularly 'tasty'!

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