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Thumbs up or thumbs down

The start-up "TryLikes" from the Netherlands measures customer feedback in real-time at various points of the "customer journey", e.g. In the train station to determine where the customers are satisfied or have to be re-steered. The system is as simple as it is ingenious: a fingertip in passing on a small tableau is enough. Through spontaneous responses to specific questions about availability and quality, we measure in real-time what is important to the customer and what needs to be improved.
The goal is to react immediately to customer feedback, to continuously improve the service and to increase the quality of the services for the passengers.

The founders Steven Kroon and Janneke van den Heuvel

As part of the Accelerator program "Innovative Ideas for Train Stations", TryLikes test its Sysrem at the Berlin Hauptbashnhof  station in summer

Test in Berlin Hauptbahnhof