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Learning from each other

The Zapiens (former Blunder) app finds out about a playful approach, which knowledge in the company is missing and how this can be made available to all interested parties online. Employees can ask questions and answer questions from colleagues. The tool allows users to share knowledge at widely distant locations. Zapiens (former Blunder) creates transparency and enables hierarchical sharing of knowledge, knowledge exchange and dissemination of knowledge. The app encourages continuous learning and knowledge transfer over long periods in automated processes. Zapiens is fun and animated for regular use.

When asked, "Why does Blunder (now Zapiens) work with DB?" "Samuel Ordieres, a founding member of the Spanish start-up company, says:" In the following years, many colleagues, for example, from maintenance, will retire, the knowledge gathered over a long working life will disappear with the people, unless the DB Decides for a digital knowledge management system, so that the experience of retiring employees can be preserved and made available to future generations.We would like to help the DB create a digital "brain" based on the knowledge that exists in the "individual brains" of the experienced colleagues."

"We have already tested the app for multipliers in maintenance, and the result has been consistently positive.We are currently launching a test under two DB maintenance teams who are testing the Blunder app for two weeks, That the app is just as good for the maintenance as the multipliers!"