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Finding the perfect connection

Qixxit is a digital travel planner that intelligently connects different modes of transport and providers to find the best routes. The software combines train, flight and long-distance bus to a coherent route. This creates completely new travel options, even to places that were previously not so easy to reach. Travelers will arrive at their destination in a clever, comfortable, fast and affordable way. Cross-regional travel as well as medium and long-distance travel can be planned and booked with Qixxit. The route starts and ends at the nearest bus stop, train station or airport of the departure and destination.

An international, travel-enthusiastic team is working in Europe's start-up capital Berlin on the redesign and further development of the intermodal travel planner.

The beta phase is currently in the process of gradually adding important features to the mobility platform, such as a map that displays the itineraries, as well as the ability to save data for repeated booking and to receive smartphone train tickets.

The website can be reached here. The apps for iOS and Android are available for download in the app stores