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Smart from door to door

Quickly and easily from A to B: Mostly it works by taxi, but not always and especially not everywhere. In fact, short distances often cost time and nerves. Because taxi and car services are highly organized and available worldwide, and billing can be complicated and complex afterwards. Faster and easier it goes with Talixo. The company, founded in Berlin in 2012, brings passengers and vehicles together in a new way through an intelligent booking platform. The solution, which brings together all relevant taxis and limousine providers for customers, offers economically excellent growth prospects. DB is involved in Talixo via Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH.

What does Talixo offer?

Manuel Gerres: The Berlin start-up operates a digital booking platform for taxi and chauffeur services. Especially for business travelers the service is attractive. For three reasons: Firstly, a taxi or limousine can be booked just as easily as hotels or flights. Secondly, I can access the offer world-wide, whether I in London from the plane, in Melbourne or Mumbai. The platform already provides mobility on the so-called last mile in 91 countries and 560 cities. Just when I do not know the habits on the ground, I can rely on the vehicle and the driver, because Talixo ensures high standards of quality and safety. And thirdly, booking and invoicing are always carried out using a uniform system. The journey is directly settable for the customer.

What distinguishes Talixo from Uber or MyTaxi?

Boris Kühn: The founders of Talixo pursue a clear goal: bring everything together and make the use as simple as possible. How well they have succeeded in the past five years since the founding of the company makes them unique in the market. Talixo is able to display all services including bundles and prices. The system knows in advance the existing capacities of the vendors and brings them together with the demand in real time. With the simple online pre-bookings and the local tariff agreements with the fleets partners, price advantages for customers with high request volumes are combined. Taxis and limousine providers benefit from higher capacity utilization and improved route optimization. In this way, Talixo allows business customers to book transfers in less than two minutes, offering a wide selection of vehicles from taxis to first-class limousines. The start-up is exclusively for operators with licensed drivers. In sum a product, of which we are convinced as DB.

We also have the know-how to develop platforms at DB. Why do you need to purchase this service through holdings?

Boris Kühn: We are very good at the mobile platform. The DB Navigator is an absolute success story. We are also setting standards in the mobility sector with other apps and the underlying systems. But we can not and do not have to develop and operate ourselves on all platforms. Participations offer the opportunity to participate quickly in new developments - both from the user as well as from the entrepreneur's point of view. Digital progress is strongly dependent on cooperations and participations. With the right partners, we can move quickly with DB. We gain access to innovative technologies that enable us to increase our competitiveness and future viability in the long term.