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Read customer's wishes from the eyes

DB Accelerator Program "Future of Customer Interaction"

We are looking for innovations from start-ups that improve customer experience as well as communication and interaction with customers, e.g. for service requests, travel wishes or offers.

The theme spectrum includes:

Human Interface - technologies for the interaction between customers and devices, e.g. Voice and image recognition, gesture control or solutions for the operation of touch screens

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use AI solutions to digitize customer experience and services, e.g. predictive analysis or management of customer data

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality - Application of AR / VR technologies to improve the Customer Experience, e.g. to support navigation within buildings, to create maps, and to direct traffic flows

Chatbots - software for automated customer communication in real-time, e.g. digital travel companions or the management of customer complaints

Blockchain - application of blockchain technologies to increase customer satisfaction by accelerating execution of processes, reducing transmission charges and error-free data transmission, for example, in ticket sales

Robotics - Integration of robots into interaction with customers, e.g. Customer guidance and support or arranging travel information on the spot

Gamification - application of play-typical elements to increase customer loyalty, e.g. marketing campaigns or customer feedback

Digital Twins - computer-generated models, such as representatives of typical customer groups, to understand their needs and optimize existing products / services

Image / Video / Sound Processing & Analytics - Digital displays used in real-time, e.g. determine and indicate the occupancy level of a train

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