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Workshop "Learning by doing revisited" - Training at the digital ICE 4

Deutsche Bahn is participating in the IFA + Summit, a two-day event in the supporting program of the 2017 Internatioanle Funkausstellung in Berlin. In the workshop "Learning by doing revisited", on 4 September from 5 to 6 pm, Martin Respondek and Usman Ghias from the DB show how the group's employees train digitally and qualify and what is planned in this field from 2018 at DB. The two DB employees interact between unique technological innovations - between virtual space, 700-ton ICE4 trains and people who are equally fascinated by both. One example is training at ICE 4 in Virtual Reality. The ICE staff will learn the inner life of the digitized high-speed train with the help of VR glasses, whose real model will be on the track from December onwards.

Usman Ghias, Martin Respondek