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DB at the re:publica 2017

Questions about the future that concern the digital community

The re:publica is an international festival that deals with all aspects of the internet and digital community. The focus is on the people who are affected by the digital future, whether because they are interested in or work directly with new technologies or wish to discuss and help to design the fields of application and the resulting social interactions. Exchanging ideas, impetus, discussions, debate, networking, socializing – these are the buzzwords that sum up the re:publica.

Deutsche Bahn digital applications of are part of the everyday life of millions of people in the form of apps and WiFi on board our trains and at the stations that our customers use to communicate, consume, obtain information or entertain themselves. That is what the customer experiences directly. But digitalization at DB means much more than that. There are countless things happening in the background, where the processes are digitalized. This ranges from predictive maintenance of escalators and elevators at the train stations, of switches, locomotives or freight cars, right through to pilot projects for trains that will run fully automatically or self-driving buses and trucks. Many of these are based on collaboration with startups.

DB addresses questions about the future that concern the digital community, such as:

  • How will people get from A to B in 10 years? How will they do so in cities and in rural areas?
  • Why are self-driving trains different from a driverless subway train?
  • Will every new customer solution at DB by developed by a startup in 10 years?

These and similar questions provide the topics for speeches, debates and talks at the re:publica.

Representatives of DB will contribute presentations on topics which include:

  • How startups can get on board at Deutsche Bahn
  • Evolving into the mobility platform of the future
  • Prototyping in large business conglomerates
  • Work 4.0 meets 180 years of corporate history 
  • Why Deutsche Bahn is piloting autonomous driving on the road