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Cleaning robot race

Brushes until the station floor flashes

The scrubber robot CR 700 from Adlatus Robotics won the cleaning robot race.

Deutsche Bahn operates more than 5,400 railway stations throughout Germany. The floors of the train station and the platforms of large stations are cleaned at night with scrubber machines. In future, station cleaning teams will be supported by cleaning robots.

For this purpose, we are now looking specifically for providers who want to keep Deutsche Bahn stations clean with Deutsche Bahn, so that millions of customers  feel comfortable. 

On January 30, 2018, the four candidates in the Berlin Central Station used their robots to clean a 200 square meter area. The winner of Germany's first robot cleaning race is the Ulm startup Adlatus Robotics, founded in 2015. Adlatus Robotics receives a two-year contract with DB for the delivery and further development of cleaning robots.