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Engaging Virtual Education

Getting to know the ICE 4 digital with the data glasses

In cooperation with the DB Systel internal startup EVE, employees of the board service have developed a VR training application for operating the hoist. The boarding aid is permanently installed in the ICE 4. The operation includes 28 work steps that must be performed in a specific order. With the help of VR glasses, employees can practice all the manipulations in the virtual ICE 4. You will be accompanied by a practical trainer. The coaches have a special app on their tablet that they can use to help and intervene when needed. 

Since April 2018, VR training for service employees has been offered nationwide at nine training centers. More than 500 have completed the training nationwide. Over 1,000 will have gone through to the end of 2018. By 2020, all 4,000 train guards will be successively trained in long-haul VR glasses

All locomotive drivers can also virtually enter the cab of a new ICE 4 on their tablet with a mobile 3-D simulation. In the digital version of the train was thought of all the details. With it, train drivers can get to know the ICE 4 better and deepen training content. You will learn, for example, how the ICE 4 can open the front flap, release brakes by hand, or how to lower the air springs in the event of a breakdown.

The opening of the bow door has already been adapted by EVE for a VR environment. Users can enter a virtual learning environment that captures natural movements and gestures. Functions become literally tangible, which significantly intensifies learning. This is particularly true for training topics that can not be taught in real trains and driving simulators. Further learning content is being developed step by step for a VR environment.