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Augmented Reality

How the switch comes into the classroom

Deutsche Bahn employs over 8,000 maintenance technicians in the infrastructure. By 2026 half will be leaving active working life. Many junior staff have to be trained. There is no way to bring real technology, such as a switch, into the classroom. The founders of VISCOPIC have therefore developed a solution that makes railway technology vivid. With the help of augmented reality, the start-up projected three-dimensional representations of "heavy chunks", for example of turnout drives, into the virtual space. The realistic holograms can be rotated in all directions, functional sequences can be triggered with fingertips on virtual buttons and animated. With the Augmented Reality application, VISCOPIC helps bridge the gap between theory and practice in the education and training of maintenance technicians at Deutsche Bahn.

Interview with T.Knauer-Arnold from VISCOPIC,  Source:  globaltechbox.com