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Virtual insights into the DB professional world

Application channels for Digital Natives
The cooperation with JobUFO is part of DB's digital recruiting strategy. In doing so, the company adapts to the zeitgeist of the young target group. As with Snapchat, candidates present themselves via the App JobUFO via video from the sofa. This makes the application an experience and offers an alternative to often rigid cover letters. "The additional recruitment channel is ideal for picking up young talents in their lifeworld. I can only encourage our applicants to present themselves by video for one of the nationwide several thousand apprenticeships, "said Steven Sprengel, DB Recruiter for students and professionals. DB Personal Recruiter Katrin Sünderhauf said on the radio on rbb FRITZ about JobUFO videos on August 30, 2017: "To say it is quite different from writing it, and that's where a lot more personality comes from, and that's what I like."

DB is one of the first companies to use virtual reality
Personnel marketing excites young applicants in particular. Using virtual reality glasses and 360 ° video, applicants can immerse themselves in the everyday life of various training occupations and places of work. Applicants get to know Deutsche Bahn as a modern company with diverse job profiles. Often they try out the technology at recruiting events for the first time and are fascinated by the possibilities. DB is extending this fascination to social networks, focusing on current trends.