Easy on the environment and the pocketbook

CleverShuttle offers efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly door-to-door mobility within city centers. Electric, hydrogen and hybrid vehicles are on the road in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Munich, Kiel and from January 2020 in Düsseldorf.

It uses the ridesharing principle. Passengers with similar routes are pooled and travel together. The service not only takes cars off the road and reduces the impact on the environment; it is also more affordable than a taxi. The secret is the algorithm, which enables smart pooling and routing.

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Deutsche Bahn has invested in CleverShuttle since 2015 and acquired the majority stake in the company in August 2018. The goal is to optimize last-mile mobility to and from train stations. CleverShuttle is a smart addition to DB's mobility services and enables energy-efficient and seamless door-to-door mobility for rail travelers.