DB Navigator


DB Navigator

Personal travel planner and mobile ticket machine

DB Navigator is a personal travel planner for local, regional and long distance transport. It takes DB customers door to door, from information to arrival, from taking the city bus to the station to hopping aboard an ICE train. The DB Navigator currently records around 100 million hits per month.

But DB Navigator can do more than just help passengers search for information and buy tickets. It offers an increasing number of services relating to train travel. Customers can view real-time information, see the current car sequence of trains and load their BahnCard as a mobile ticket. Passengers who want to travel without being interrupted can check in on ICE trains themselves using "Komfort Check-in," the app's convenient, digital self-check-in feature. This bypasses ticket inspections.

The app is increasingly evolving into a master key of sorts for public transportation by bus and train. Thirty-six transit authorities have already been integrated. That means that  millions of people in Germany can use the app to buy tickets not only for long distance travel but also for local transportation.