Supplier registration

Article: Supplier registration

Here you can directly reach our web portal for the DB supplier qualification. Submit an application for supplier qualification for your company’s range of services.

Information about supplier registration in SMaRT

This section provides all of the information you need on registering as a supplier with Deutsche Bahn AG.

Companies can choose to register as suppliers in our SMaRT supplier management system.

During registration, you will be asked to select the commodity groups (products and services) that you would like to supply to Deutsche Bahn AG. You can select multiple commodity groups.

Please note that registering in the SMaRT system does not legally entitle you to take part in a tender process, be considered for a contract award or be guaranteed a contract.

Deutsche Bahn AG has established special qualification systems (testing systems) within the scope of the Rules on Awarding Contracts in Transport, Drinking Water Supply and Energy Supply. In order to participate in contract award procedures that use one of these testing systems, suppliers must be registered and added to the relevant testing system.

Suppliers submit their application for prequalification when registering in SMaRT. Learn more about the special features of prequalification procedures at Deutsche Bahn AG here.

Register in SMaRT.

Existing suppliers that do not yet have access to SMaRT can request login details by e-mailing

Why should you register in SMaRT?

DB AG's centralized SMaRT system offers you, as a Deutsche Bahn AG supplier, the greatest possible transparency and facilitates cooperation between you and the purchasing departments at Deutsche Bahn AG. 
Specifically, SMaRT lets you: 

  • Keep your own company profile up to date, e.g. if you need to give Deutsche Bahn AG a new billing address
  • Independently manage documents needed for working with Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Work on joint tasks and check progress toward completion

Want to learn more about how SMaRT works? Take a look at the user guides in the download section of this page. The relevant purchasing department will also be happy to help.

Information about and access to current Deutsche Bahn contract award procedures is available at our DB award portal or on the EU's SIMAP platform.