Central Procurement – We ensure a quality-oriented and punctual supply

Article: Central Procurement – We ensure a quality-oriented and punctual supply

We are the contact and business partner acting as the operative, strategic Group function for suppliers to the DB Group. With a workforce of around 1,000 employees, we are currently responsible for EUR 10 billion of DB's total purchasing volume.

Central Procurement

Deutsche Bahn plays an outstanding role on the demand side of the European markets. Central Procurement acts as the Group interface to the external market. We guarantee that the business units worldwide are supplied with materials, capital goods and services – economically, on time and with the right quality. In doing so we ensure DB's innovative capability and sustainable market success.

As a supplier, you play an important role for Central Procurement. The quality of your service provides the basis for a successful on-going business relationship with us, helping us to achieve the Group objectives.

Our team combines strategic understanding with technical and commercial know-how. We are a fair, reliable partner for our suppliers in the interests of sustainable and profitable optimisation of the deployed means of production.

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We want to act responsibly and sustainably to minimise the impact of our business on our social and natural environment.

The principles for this are stored in our corporate strategy and policies. The DB Code of Conduct for Business Partners forms the basis of our relationships with suppliers. 

In March 2015, Alstom, Bombardier, Deutsche Bahn, Knorr Bremse, Nederlandse Spoorwegen and SNCF came together in Utrecht to officially launch Railsponsible, a collaborative initiative aimed at improving sustainability practices throughout the railway industry supply chain. The initiative is open to other members of the international railway industry. We would very much appreciate your participation.

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The cooperation of the DB Group with its suppliers and business partners is based on ethical standards, the applicable law and integrity. We expect you to establish similar principles and to adhere to them.

These principles are codified by DB’s Code of Conduct for Business Partners. The compliance of our suppliers and business partners with these principles forms an important basis for our partnership.

We give particular attention to the fact that our suppliers adhere to the rules of antitrust law.

See DB’s Code of Conduct for Business Partner as well as an overview of what is important in the antitrust compliance on our Compliance side for Business Partners.

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The procurement process in the DB Group must be handled as smoothly and profitably as possible in all areas and details. Each procurement segment has its own special aspects - and we have the corresponding experts to deal with them.

Central Procurement is organised in one staff unit and three product areas in order to pool expertise according to the specific topic:

Procurement Principles/ IT-Services Procurement (GEG/ GS.EG)
We are the Staff Unit of the Group's Central Procurement function and provide optimum support for the overall railway system with a maximum value contribution based on reciprocally successful business relations with our suppliers. Our Supplier Management makes an important contribution in this respect.

General Requirements and Services (GS.EA)
We procure a very broad range of products, from waste water treatment systems via office materials through to winter services.

Rolling Stock and Parts (GS.EF)
We offer the technical and commercial know-how necessary for procurement of rolling stock and parts to suit the specific requirements. This includes all rolling stock for regional, long-distance and freight services, together with special infrastructure rolling stock.

Infrastructure (GS.EI)

We are the contact for suppliers involved in infrastructure, including track, electrical systems, telecommunication, control and command systems, building and technical facility management, passenger and freight systems together with other traffic facilities.

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General tasks

As Central Procurement, we are responsible for the "rules", i.e. the regulations valid throughout the Group together with the purchasing policy. This includes as well the purchasing activities of the DB subsidiaries (e.g. DB Arriva, DB Schenker). Our operative units safeguard punctual global supplies of material, capital goods and services in appropriate quality to the DB Group.

Our strategic units are responsible above all for our product group strategies and for the development of our supplier portfolio.

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