Our priority requirements – from general to highly specific

Article: Our priority requirements – from general to highly specific

The purchasing volume of Central Procurement (TE) encompasses among others the purchasing requirements for Infrastructure, Material, Capital Goods and Services. This is a broad range from general through to highly specialised supplies and services.

The following list provides an overview of priority requirements in our four product areas of Deutsche Bahn:

Consultancy services

Deutsche Bahn AG has set up a “Continuous pre-qualification process for consultancy services” to simplify the award process for consultancy projects which, due to their volume, are subject to the conditions of part 4 of the Restrictive Practices Act.

As part of this pre-qualification process, the potential applicant will be given the opportunity to demonstrate his suitability for performing the various consultancy services. The main focus will be on obtaining information on technical and sectoral competency, experience, and the pre-qualifier’s ability to perform the individual consultancy services.

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General requirements and services
  • security services

  • studies

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  • building
  • architect and engineer services
  • constructional engineering (particularly bridges and tunnels)
  • earthworks and foundation engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • telecommunication infrastructure
  • control and command systems
  • security services
  • construction-related services
  • building and technical facility management services
  • passenger
  • freight and train formation systems
  • track superstructure materials (particularly rails, rail fasteners, points/switches, concrete sleepers, ballast)
  • soil and building materials management
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  • lifts and escalators

  • construction machinery

  • handling equipment and warehouse systems

  • heating, air-conditioning, painting, washing and disposal systems

  • engineering and inspection services for machinery

  • maintenance and spare parts for machinery

  • cranes and lifting gear

  • measuring and welding equipment

  • equipment for non-destructive material testing

  • machine tools

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Material and equipment
  • coating materials for vehicles

  • station and depot equipment

  • office material / furnishings

  • equipment and tools

  • catering systems

  • wood and wood composites

  • material for heating, ventilation and sanitary systems together with 50 Hz systems

  • cleaning and care agents together with hygiene articles

  • steel and non-ferrous metals

  • textiles

  • fasteners

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Printer technology
  • fax machines

  • copying machines / multifunction machines

  • laser printers

  • output management systems

  • inkjet printers

  • printer consumables

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Rolling stock
  • trainsets

  • locomotives

  • wagons

  • passenger coaches

  • special rolling stock

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Rolling stock spare parts
  • wheel sets and solid wheels

  • springs and dampers

  • engines and generators

  • bearings

  • brakes

  • vehicle electronics

  • pantographs

  • internal fittings

  • telecommunication (etc.)

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Sales systems
  • ticket vending machines

  • date stamping machines

  • fare management systems / on-board computers

  • coin processing and coin security systems

  • POS systems

  • mobile sales in the train / mobile sales devices

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Software and IT services
  • billing systems

  • application development

  • operations management

  • scheduling systems

  • documentation/archiving

  • software compilation

  • installation

  • internet, Intranet

  • IT consulting

  • conception

  • updating individual software

  • implementation

  • training

  • software hire

  • standard software and software updating

  • test

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  • call centres

  • data services

  • landline network

  • mobile phone network

  • service numbers

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Travel services
  • providers of transport services (e.g. airlines and hire care companies together with taxi services)

  • tourist accommodation

  • travel agent chains

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