The DB Supplier Awards- Your effort is highly valued

Article: The DB Supplier Awards- Your effort is highly valued

Suppliers that support our procurement strategy in a successful manner will be rewarded with the “DB Supplier Award”. This prize is awarded every two years at the “InnoTrans” in Berlin. Take on the challenge!

Quelle: Deutsche Bahn AG, Kai Michael Neuhold

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    Be an outstanding supplier!

    As Europe’s leading mobility- and logistic company Deutsche Bahn always has its focus on the service quality. The quality of the suppliers contributes significantly to the performance of the group towards its clients: Every day over seven million passengers and numerous freight customers.

    With the DB Supplier Awards we set an attractive incentive for constantly improving the relations between suppliers and Deutsche Bahn. In a 2-years-rhytm we award the Supplier Awards in (currently) three categories. Recognized and coveted in the industry, the DB Supplier Award is a well-respected prize in the business.

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    In which categories do we present the DB Supplier Awards?

    Awarded are outstanding performances in the following categories:

    • General requirements and services
    • Rolling Stock and Parts
    • Infrastructure (Construction work, Electrical engineering, Telecommunications, Control-Command and Signalling Technology, Planning services, Material supplies)
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    The eight selection criteria

    An outstanding supplier identifies with the goals of Deutsche Bahn and supports it in the realization of the group strategy DB2020+. By the constant improvement of his product– and performance quality he tightens the collaboration based on partnership and fosters the valuable, functional exchange. The following criteria are particularly important:

    • Quality and reliability
    • Customer value
    • Service performance
    • Pricing policy
    • Sustainability and environment protection
    • Adherence to delivery dates
    • Innovation
    • Collaboration based on partnership
    • Goals of the group strategy DB2020+

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    The selection process

    Candidates for the DB Awards are suggested by the procurement organizations, supported by the supplier management across the group. The selections process consists of consensual votes on the suggestions including the business units as well as with the internal compliance-, law-, quality- and environment organizations of Deutsche Bahn.

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    The big moment: DB Suppliers Award ceremony

    The ceremony takes place at the international trade fair for transport technology “InnoTrans” in Berlin. With the “DB Supplier Awards” the victorious companies are free to advertise their winning product for a maximum of two years until the next ceremony.

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    Prize winners

    As one of the largest purchaser in the economy, with the awarding of the DB Supplier Awards, Deutsche Bahn honours very highly dedicated and performant suppliers for providing the best quality in the interest of our clients.

    We congratulate the DB Supplier Awards winner of the year 2016:



    General requirements and services

    Ferdinand Gross GmbH & Co. KG

    Rolling stock and parts

    ALSTOM Transport Deutschland GmbH


    Shenzhen SED Wireless Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

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