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We drive progress and shape the future

The mission statement describes the DB Group's ambition for shaping the future as well as overarching aims and the means to achieve them.

The mission statement provides DB Group employees with a guide for their entrepreneurial actions, laying the foundation for Group-wide collaboration and identification with DB. At the same time, it expresses our company's strategic orientation.

The enhanced DB2020+ strategy, with its greater focus on quality, forms the core of the mission statement. Our orientation to sustainability will continue to provide a strategic framework, linking each aspect of our strategy together, with the objective of bringing the economic, social and environmental dimensions into harmony with each other.

Improving quality and competitiveness, especially in DB's core business – the integrated rail system – is one of the most pressing challenges we face. Establishing a new culture of quality with a clear focus on customers, building digital expertise and improving our own performance are the main areas for action we must focus on to make DB fit for the future. To this end, we have set ourselves challenging targets: to become a profitable quality leader (economic dimension), a top employer (social dimension) and an eco-pioneer (environmental dimension). DB intends to offer its customers top-class, eco-friendly mobility and logistics solutions made possible by dedicated employees and digital expertise.

The mission statement is explained in detail in the Corporate Principles on Strategy.