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Arriva - a DB Company

Passenger transport outside Germany: Arriva has successfully expanded to become one of Europe's largest transport providers – and it is still growing.

Arriva is one of the largest providers of European passenger transport, running more than 2.2 billion passenger journeys a year and operating in 14 countries throughout Europa. Arriva employs some 55,000 people. The company has worked in mainland Europe for 16 years, and it joined the Deutsche Bahn Group in 2010.

Arriva operates:

  • 19,500 buses 
  • 715 trains
  • 221 trams/metros
  • 474 patient transport ambulances/cars
  • 19 waterbuses

Arriva - new ways to improve transport services

Examples of Arriva's business: 

United Kingdom: Arriva UK Bus is one of the largest bus operators in both the regional bus market and in London, where it runs the original red double-decker buses. Arriva UK Trains is a major train operator in the UK, with eight rail businesses including Arriva Trains Wales, Chiltern Railways, CrossCountry, Grand Central, LOROL (London Overground), and Tyne and Wear Metro.

Denmark: Arriva is the largest bus operator in Denmark, with an overall market share of some 40%.

SwedenArriva won E20, Sweden's largest integrated multi-modal public transport tender to date. 

The Netherlands: Arriva entered the bus market in 1998 and the rail market in 1999. It is now one of the largest bus operators in the Netherlands, and the largest private rail operator there.

Italy, Portugal and Spain: Arriva operates in the bus market and is one of the largest providers of bus services.

Czech Republik, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovania: Arriva has successfully entered the bus market.

Arriva invests in facilities that reduce waste and consume less energy, and in hybrid and natural gas buses. It also operates the UK's first wirelessly charged electric buses. In 2015, Arriva UK Bus announced an investment program worth over GBP 45 million to facilitate a major upgrade of its fleet, including the roll-out of more than 230 new carbon efficient vehicles – bringing the total investment in the UK fleet to over GBP 500 million since 2008.

Press releases:

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