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More comfort, more reliability, more space: presenting the ECx, Deutsche Bahn's new long-distance train

Setting a new standard for accessibility • The first trains are coming in 2023 • Substantially shorter travel times between Berlin and Amsterdam

Today, Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) and Spanish manufacturer Talgo met in Berlin with Enak Ferlemann, parliamentary state secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure to introduce the new long-distance train, which has been given the working title of "ECx." The locomotive-hauled passenger coaches are highly versatile, making them an ideal addition to DB's vehicle fleet starting in 2023. The first EUR 550 million order of 23 trains is part of a framework agreement DB signed with the Spanish manufacturer Talgo for up to 100 multi-system locomotives and passenger wagons.

"We announced in our agenda for better rail service that we would create more rail capacity. The ECx allows for a better range of products and more comfort. This innovative train will make a critical contribution toward making even more people feel enthusiastic about traveling by rail," says Richard Lutz, CEO of Deutsche Bahn.

DB is planning to run the ECx trains on a cross-border route between Berlin and Amsterdam, cutting the travel time on this route by about 30 minutes to five hours and 50 minutes. The new vehicles will also be used on tourist routes to Westerland (Sylt) and Oberstdorf.

The ECx lets Deutsche Bahn offer its guests true ICE comfort: Apart from Wi-Fi, that also includes a great deal of room for baggage, an on-board bistro and real-time data to keep passengers informed. This train sets a new standard for accessibility: Guests can enter the train at the height of the platform without climbing any stairs, making it easier for all passengers to travel and enabling passengers in wheelchairs to board independently. The ECx is also a strategic trailblazer: Going forward, all tenders for new long-distance vehicles will specify the especially customer-friendly entrance doors.

 "Quite justifiably, Deutsche Bahn's customers have come to expect highly modern, reliable and comfortable trains. From that standpoint, DB's ECx from Talgo is precisely on the right track. In particular, one should underscore the low level of the floor, which is a consistent 76 cm. That makes it possible to enter the train on all platforms of standard height without climbing any stairs. DB has thus set a new standard for accessibility and traveling comfort, which we need 

to boost ridership. For me, it is particularly gratifying that starting in 2023, the new trains will be used on the Marsh Railway to Sylt, on the Allgäu railway to Oberstdorf and on the international Amsterdam–Berlin route," says state secretary Enak Ferlemann, parliamentary state secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Transport.

"For Talgo, signing this contract is not only a great honor; it also brings great responsibility. We will be delivering the best product to one of the most demanding customers in the world: Deutsche Bahn. However, we will meet the expectations and requirements coming from Germany, where we have had a presence ever since 1994," says José María de Oriol Fabra, CEO of Patentes Talgo S.L.U.

An ECx convoy consists of one multi-system locomotive with a maximum speed of 230 kph and 17 passenger wagons. The trains have a total of 570 seats, 85 in first class and 485 in second.

Note for the media:

You can find extensive video and images of the new train here: www.deutschebahn.com/db-mediaportal