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Current information for journalists, inquiries to photo and filming permits, and for adding to the distribution list.

Filming and photography permits

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TV, movies, photos and audio recordings on grounds and facilities of DB AG must not stand in the way of security and the smooth railway operations. Recording is in agreement with the DB Group press office possible and are subject to conditions and require permission.

To make your planning easier, we have compiled an FAQ list on filming, photography and recording permits:

  1. The safety and uninterrupted performance of DB AG operations must not be impaired. The producer and his staff must ensure compliance with this requirement. In particular, the producer and his staff are aware that they are not permitted to enter any railway premises which are not freely accessible to DB AG customers, or alternatively that they may do so only when accompanied by DB AG employees and pursuant to a prior agreement. The same applies to entering and using rolling stock and trains.

  2. The producer and his staff are obliged to follow the instructions and requests of the responsible DB AG employees or any third parties authorised by DB AG.
    For reasons of operating safety and to safeguard due and proper operations, DB AG shall be entitled to demand the restriction or – if restriction is insufficient – the discontinuation of the permitted activities and to cancel this permit. In such cases, the producer shall not be entitled to file any claims whatsoever against DB AG.
    This permit refers only to filming on the above production subject. Any marketing of the article beyond the scope of the above film project shall require the consent of DB AG. This shall not affect the depicted persons’ copyright protection of their own images.

  3. The producer is aware that he enters DB AG property at his own risk. On utilising this permit, the producer waives all claims for damages to his property and indemnifies DB AG from all third-party claims for damages incurred in connection with the permitted activity. The producer further undertakes to indemnify DB AG from all statutory claims for personal injury or property damage filed by persons involved in the permitted activity on behalf of the producer. This shall not apply to damage caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of DB AG. The foregoing shall not affect the provisions of Section 1 German Liability Act [HPflG].

  4. If the above permit refers to the location of a company belonging to the Deutsche Bahn AG Group, the above provisions shall apply accordingly.

  5. The film material may only be used for the project specified above. 

Recording permits for reports on DB topics

If you are with a national publication or network, please use this form to apply for a permit to film, photograph or record.

If you are with a regional publication or network, please apply here.

If you would like to request permission for commercial purposes, please e-mail filmvorhaben@deutschebahn.com.

Request for permission to film, photograph or record on DB premises

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