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Environment Mobility Check for passenger transport

The online calculator compares the life-cycle assessment for train, car and airplane journeys in Europe.

Are you planning a vacation in Denmark or Switzerland? And would you like to know not only how long it will take to get there and how much it will cost but also how your travel will affect the environment? Deutsche Bahn's Environment Mobility Check makes it possible, with just a few clicks of the mouse. The tool compares the journey time, energy consumption, and CO₂ and pollution emissions of train, car and airplane travel. And it calculates this information for routes in Germany as well as for routes throughout Europe, including cross-border routes.

Some 280,000 visitors a month calculate how many kilograms of the harmful greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO₂) and other pollutants they save when they travel by rail.

Calculate for yourself: it's easy!

When you search for a connection on www.bahn.de, all you need to do is enter the origin and destination, click Search and then click the Environment Mobility Check button with the flower.

In just a few seconds a window opens, showing the energy consumption, CO₂ emissions and other pollutants of rail, airplane and car travel.

Database backed by science

The renowned Heidelberg Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) provides the data for car and air transport, while DB provides train data for Germany. DB was involved in the development of the international version, which is called EcoPassenger  and is available on the website of the International Union of Railways (UIC). The Environment Mobility Check uses the same data for the non-German portion of cross-border/international transport. The current report on the methodology used (only available in German) is available for download from the link on the right.

An important tool for the media, science and business

The Environment Mobility Check, which was developed in June 2002, is an important tool for assessing the environmental impact of travel within Germany. Companies use it to create their life-cycle assessment. Journalists, scientists, teachers, public authorities, planners and policy makers can use it for background information and supporting arguments.

The Environment Mobility Check is one of 112 projects at Deutsche Bahn – No. 23. You can see all 112 projects at deutschebahn.com/green.