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Try the new DB Train Simulator and save energy!

The new update with more tracks and improved realism arrived!

The „DB Train Simulator“ for IOS, Android and PC places you in the cockpit of a train . Your objective is to arrive on time by driving efficiently while saving as much energy as possible! Accelerate quickly, feed energy back into the power grid while braking or letting the train coast - challenge yourself to save the climate as a train driver! With the newest update, you can choose from 8 different tracks, improved graphics and an all-new scoring system.

Since the first release, users completed roughly 750.000 train-rides and over 450.000 people downloaded the game. In October, the game won the Sustainability Champion Award of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and achieved the 2nd place among nine global participants. The winner of the competition is the Indian Railway DFCC with a project that supports families in their resettlement.


Db Train Simulator App

Download the Train Simulator App in the Google Play Store or App Store for free and start playing immediately:

Or you can use the available online version: 

To increase the performance of the game we suggest to turn off other programs and applications while using the simulator. The simulator is available in German  and English. 

Overview of the new features:

No matter which train you choose – ICE, IC, RE or RB – the train simulator gives you a sense of actually sitting inside the cockpit of a real train. The driving principles are based on actual train data and on a program already in use for train drivers. Eight new tracks with varying difficulties and an improved graphic and interface system allow for more variety and fun when playing. New functions like elements of the “PZB” system, a derived form of the “inductive train protection”, let the cockpit appear more realistic than ever.

We’ve also implemented a new point-system: At the end of every level, the game will show you how many time-and energy points you achieved, as well as your energy savings in kWh. Thus you can see at first glance how you finished the track in comparison to the best possible outcome. You can also compare yourself to other drivers through the highscore-system.

While you are playing, it is possible to earn different achievements, such as stopping right before a signal, using all trains or having driven a total of 1.000 kilometers.