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EcoTransIT World calculates the environmental impact of transport modes

How environmentally friendly is your company? How can it improve its environmental impact even more? The new EcoTransIT World aims to help customers to choose their means of transport and the most environment-friendly transport chain.

The transport sector is responsible for around a quarter of CO2 emissions worldwide, with an upward trend. In view of the climate change an increasing numbers of companies plan the transport of their goods according to both economical and ecological aspects. Low transport emissions are also an increasingly significant sales argument. DB has joined forces with the International Union of Railways (UIC) and six other partners to develop the emissions calculator EcoTransIT World. Customers can use it for exact calculation of the environmental impacts of their chosen transport chain worldwide.

EcoTransIT World produces reliable environment balance worldwide

Grafik Ecotransit

EcoTransIT World reliably calculates energy consumption together with CO2 and pollution emissions on a worldwide scale for any freight transports by train, truck, airplane, ocean ship and inland-waterway vessels together with intermodal traffic. Customers can check various environmental aspects of their previous transports not only on certain routes but also compare them with alternative routes. At the same time, they also have a basis for deciding whether to change the transport combination, based on real routes. The user can practically set off from any point in the world and the internet tool finds the next road, next siding, next port or airport, depending on what the user has specified. This makes it easier to decide which transport chain is not only the most economical but also the most ecological for his company.

The calculator is available free of charge at www.ecotransit.org. Please follow the link on the right.

Quick and easy to use

EcoTransIT World is easy to use while at the same time working on the basis of a reliable scientific method. EcoTransIT not only calculates the energy consumed during the transport of goods. The tool includes the whole energy chain, starting from generation of the energy via transport to the consumer through to construction of the necessary facilities and equipment. An important aspect in rail travel is the composition of power mix in the grid of the corresponding country. The individual national power shares are regularly updated. The analyzed routes can even be visualized in Google Maps on request. The two independent, internationally acclaimed research institutes ifeu Heidelberg and Öko-Institut were responsible for assuring the scientifically sound data and the calculating method.

One step ahead

EcoTransIT World is particularly interesting for companies with a corporate environment management scheme. EcoTransIT helps them to assess the environmental impacts of their own transports and therefore to meet the provisions of the Eco-Management. Also Shipper, logistics service provider and carrier can calculate the eco-balance for a large number of routes according to the own specific fleet and transport service structure with EcoTransIT World. Not only at low cost but also easily and conveniently.