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Environmental comparison of rail, car and airplane

The Environmental Mobility Check is a much loved Internet calculator for comparing the environmental footprint of journeys by train, car and airplane along routes throughout Europe.

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Are you planning on traveling to Denmark for vacation? Or to Switzerland? France? Would you like to know how much CO2 and energy you will save? Deutsche Bahn’s Environmental Mobility Check (EMC) lets you calculate for yourself whether it is more environmentally friendly to travel by car, airplane or train with just a few clicks of the mouse. Since April 2009, it compares the three modes of transportation in terms of journey time, energy consumption and pollutant emissions on any given route, not only within Germany but also throughout Europe - and for transnational routes.

The tool has been available online for routes within Germany since 2002. Since then, roughly 280,000 visitors a month have calculated how many kilograms of the greenhouse gas (CO2) and other pollutants they can save by choosing to travel by train.

Simple to calculate for yourself

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By integrating international data into the existing EMC, DB has made the new enhanced tool even easier for its customers to use. Anyone who searches for a travel connection at www.bahn.de can simply enter the city of departure and destination, click Search and then click the Environmental Mobility Check button with the flower. In just seconds, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions for traveling by rail, airplane and car appear below the connection information. One more click displays air pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and particulate matter.

The renowned Heidelberg Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu) provided the scientific support for both the international and national comparisons.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) verified the data and methodology and has adopted the methodology of the EMC as the European standard. Before integrating the international data into its own calculator, DB helped develop the international version, EcoPassenger, which is available on the International Union of Railways web site.

An important tool for media, science and business

The EMC developed in June 2002 is an important tool for assessing the ecological impact of journeys within Germany. Companies use it to create their environmental footprint. Journalists, scientists, teachers, authorities, planners and politicians can use it to collect background information and support for their positions.