Article: Bonvoyo

The mobility budget from Deutsche Bahn

Promoting sustainable mobility as an employer and making employees happy: With Deutsche Bahn's mobility budget, companies provide their talents with a budget to manage individually. Whether in addition to the salary, as a company car alternative, or as a variation of the classic job ticket, the mobility budget can be used and spent flexibly – both for private and business trips using all mobility services. It does not
matter whether trips are made by train, taxi, bike or car sharing: Bonvoyo is a budget for every mile.

The mobility budget is managed via the Bonvoyo app, where employees book or submit trips within a set budget framework. Afterwards, the data relevant for payroll accounting is transmitted to the employer conforming with tax compliance.

Companies benefit several times over

A sturdy employer brand: With the innovative “mobility as a benefit" solution, employers position themselves as progressive and employee employee-centric companies.

Happy employees: Attract new talent and retain existing staff with mobility budget that adapts to every need while on the go.

Savings in many aspects: Compared to other benefits, Bonvoyo'sBonvoyo'stax -optimized accounting offers high savings potential. In addition, companies save on additional administrative work and emissions within employee mobility.

More sustainability: The mobility budget blends seamlessly into the CSR strategy: It offers more sustainable mobility and new options to choose from with the corporate mobility management. Bonvoyo also measures CO2 values of certain means of transport and compares them with combustion engine cars to make emission savings even more tangible.

Automatic calculation of tax leads to cost benefits

Using automated taxation in the Bonvoyo system, companies benefit from fully digital billing and optimized taxation of mobility offers. It is also possible to transfer the billing data directly into the existing payroll system, which minimizes administrative effort for employers.

Bonvoyo combines the mobility expertise of Deutsche Bahn with the  administration expertise of its exclusive cooperation partner Commodis . Mobility bookings are processed in compliance with tax law via the integrated "Dynamic Tax Engine". Whether using public transport, cab, bike or car sharing -all mobility bookings are always cost cost-optimized in accordance with current tax law.

For example, benefits that employers provide to their employees for travel by public transport -whether for commuting to work or for leisure -are exempt from tax. If employers offer a mobility budget instead of a salary increase, the potential tax savings could amount to up to 70 percent.

How the mobility budget works

1. Companies provide their employees with a budget for their private or business mobility. The amount of the budget is determined by the employer, set per employee or for certain usage groups. After configuring the mobility budget according to the employer's specifications, the interval at which the budget is granted can also be individually determined ( e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.).

2. Employees plan, book and manage their private or business trips independently via the Bonvoyo app. The long-distance and regional transport services of Deutsche Bahn, Call a Bike, Flinkster Carsharing, and TIER E-Scooters can be directly viewed and booked. Bookings from other mobility providers can be easily and quickly be charged to the available budget after the journey, using the digital receipt scanner. The handling of unused budget can also be regulated individually by the company.

3. On a key date specified by the employer, Bonvoyo automatically transmits all tax data and accounting accounting-relevant information to the systems of the company to enable timely and cost cost-optimized processing of the mobility expenses that have been generated.