Menschen. Einziganders.

Menschen. Einziganders.

People. Uniquely different.

Diversity in the DB Group.

With people from four generations and more than 100 countries working here, DB reflects the complexity of the society we live in. We cultivate an appreciative, open-minded and respectful attitude toward the diversity of our employees and customers. As one of the largest employers in Germany, we want to promote diversity in all its facets because we benefit from the diverse ideas and backgrounds of every single person. They contribute to the growth of strong new synergies inside and outside our Group. We aim to shape our corporate culture in such a way that everyone can play a part and fulfill their potential. Our Uniquely different. initiative underscores this commitment to diversity.

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Diversity Management/Konzernleitung

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This is how diverse we are at Deutsche Bahn today!

  • > 100 Number of nationalities

  • 27 % Women in management positions

  • 15,2 % Employees under 30

  • 35 % Employees outside Germany

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