The future of mobility lies in the tracks

Article: The future of mobility lies in the tracks

Revolution in the rail system – en route to a digital future

What the steam engine was to the industrial revolution, digitalisation is to Industry 4.0. At Digitale Schiene Deutschland (that is: Digital Rail for Germany), we are seizing this opportunity and bringing future technologies to the railway system. Artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous driving will become the new normal on the rails.

We are laying the foundation for this with a complete modernisation and digitalisation of the infrastructure. The control and safety technology will be renewed by 2035, with the rollout of the European Train Control System (ETCS), digital interlocking systems (DSTW: Digitale Stellwerke) and the integrated control and operating system (iLBS: integrierte Leit- und Bediensystem). This was kicked off in 2020 with the so-called ‘starter package’.

In the second stage of Digitale Schiene, the digital railway system reveals its full potential. Trains that are fully automated and runin closer succession  that are controlled intelligently and automatically in real time, and that recognise their surroundings and position using sensors – this is what the future of the railway looks like. For this, a system architecture will detail the tasks of individual components of the railway system, and how they should work together. On this foundation, numerous digital technologies will then be tested and further developed for use in the system.

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