Article: Sponsorship

DB Management Board promotes diversity.

Our board members push the issue of diversity personally and passionately. In the "diversity of minds" spectrum, each of the dimensions gender, ethnic origin, physical and mental abilities, generation, social background and sexual orientation is supervised and accompanied by a sponsoring Board Member. Overall responsibility for diversity lies with Martin Seiler, Member of the Management Board for Human Resources and Legal Affairs.

Diversity at DB

We've been able to fill 100,000 positions, partly because we've learned to harness the potential of diversity to our benefit.

Martin Seiler
Member of the Management Board for Human Resources and Legal Affairs at DB AG

Sexual orientation and identity

Rail is a team sport. We're a company of people for people. Employees of all sexual orientations and identities can feel at home with us and express themselves freely.

Dr. Richard Lutz


With generational diversity, we preserve existing DB knowledge while fostering innovation.

Dr. Levin Holle
Board Member for Finance and Logistics at DB AG

Physical and mental abilities

At DB, we strive to find suitable jobs that match each person's abilities. And we work on that all day, every day.

Bertold Huber
Board Member for Infrastructure at DB AG

Ethnic origin

We've recognized the potential of employees with an international background and are recruiting more and more foreign experts and specialists. The more diverse our teams are, the better they can serve the different needs of our customers.

Dr. Daniela Gerd tom Markotten
Board Member for Digitalization and Technology at DB AG

Social background

Whether you're the child of blue-collar workers or academics, at Deutsche Bahn we give everyone the same chance for a great career.

Dr. Sigrid Nikutta
Board Member for Freight Transport at DB AG


We aim to reach our target of 30% women in management positions by the end of 2024. And for the future, we're working on our real goal: parity.

Evelyn Palla
Board Member for Regional Transport at DB AG

Dr. Michael Peterson
Board Member for Long Distance Passenger Transport at DB AG