Uniquely different.

Article: Uniquely different.

Diversity of minds.

Our conviction is anchored in our overarching strategy, Germany needs Strong Rail. Our Uniquely different. initiative facilitates Strong Rail and expresses our commitment to diversity. The Uniquely different. initiative is aimed at all DB employees. Uniquely different. addresses everyone who wants to advocate diversity now or do so in the future. Uniquely different. shows how diverse we are at DB, why we're committed to diversity, and how we exemplify and promote diversity in daily life.

Something very special.

With Uniquely different. we've come up with a brand-new, special word combination. Uniquely different. expresses how DB employees contribute their different perspectives, values and skills for the good of the company. Uniquely different. means we deal with diversity respectfully, inclusively and forthrightly at DB.

Uniquely different. is what makes us DB.

At DB, we stand for diversity in genders and gender identities, generations, social and ethnic origins, religions, sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities, learning and working styles, values and experiences.

Strong diversity increases our innovative capacity and our ability to recruit and retain staff, brings us closer to our customers, and enables us to seize opportunities by applying a variety of perspectives.

Interacting as equals.

Our goal at DB is to foster a culture of equal opportunity, of appreciation and open-mindedness, of trust and respect. Such a culture allows people to reach their potential, develop synergies and interact as equals.