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Article: DB Systel

With about 3,100 employees the DB Systel GmbH based in Frankfurt am Main is one of Germany’s leading ICT solution providers.

DB Systel GmbH with its head offices in Frankfurt am Main and 3,100 employees is one of the leading providers of ICT services in Germany. A subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, DB Systel covers the entire life cycle of IT and CT solutions from specialist analysis to strategic planning and development right through to operation and optimization. The company’s revenues in 2012 were approximately EUR 785 million. 

As a service provider, DB Systel offers its customers around 500 highly available productive IT applications. In addition to standard software widely available on the market, this includes a number of applications developed in-house. This has allowed the company to develop interactive timetable compilation, passenger transport sales and passenger information systems, for example. Furthermore, DB Systel administers and operates for a Group-wide office communications system for more than 85,000 users at the Deutsche Bahn Group along with providing the requisite software. Additionally we are responsible for the telecommunication infrastructure of the Deutsche Bahn with currently 93,000 VoIP connections. 

The IT and CT infrastructure at DB Systel is state-of-the-art and thus comprised of two data centers with around 3,300 servers of varying size and type. Furthermore, DB Systel operates a data network of around 340,000 IP ports based on a wide array of technologies ranging from DSL to broadband fibre optics. 

As a solution-oriented partner, DB Systel assumes end-to-end responsibility for technical support for its customers’ business processes based on defined Service Level Agreements (SLA). Outside its core business, the Deutsche Bahn Group, DB Systel is already in demand for among others, data center services and operational management of IT applications.